About searching a job…

About searching a job…

If you organize your life based on the above, when you finish school, it is almost certain that there is a company where you have worked before, and if you have done well, they will offer you a job.

Unfortunately, this happens in a small percentage of cases. Regardless of this, it is worth looking for an internship if your major does not have an internship semester, because this is also an advantage when looking for a job.

Where should we look?


The most obvious way to start is job advertisements published in the newspaper, on the Internet, or on other forums, such as job fairs. If you decide in favor of job advertisements, you have to reckon with the fact that you have to fight with hundreds of applicants. They are all competition for you, as they probably all have similar qualities.


It means mobilizing your personal network. Many times we ourselves do not realize how important a role human relationships play in our lives. 80% of job opportunities are published on so-called hidden paths. The cheapest solution for companies is not to advertise the job position through the media, but to fill it through their network of contacts.

The larger the network of contacts we build, the greater the chance of getting a job. Although building one is a time-consuming and conscious process, it's never too late to start.

Who can help us?

Family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues (past and present), teachers, classmates, sports partners, professional meetings, forums, mailing lists. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Most people are happy to help, advise and support you if you ask them. But you should never be violent! If we are asked if you already have a job, let's take advantage of the opportunity to get information. We calmly answer, "I'm still looking for the right job, could you possibly recommend something?" Do you have any idea where I should look?” It can be interesting even if the answer is no, because we did something in our interest. It is also possible that he recommends someone who can help us in the future.

Personnel consultants, headhunting companies, recruitment agencies

Another possible method is to apply to consulting and headhunting companies or register in their database. The services they provide are free of charge for jobseekers, usually they receive their fee from the commissioning company, depending on the income of the intermediary person. While headhunting companies look for a specific candidate for a top position, using special methods, consulting firms cover almost the entire workforce.

First, the applicant is entered into a database, and if the company receives an assignment that it can apply for based on its education and experience, the agency will contact it and inform it about the information about the position. If the candidate is interested in the job, the consultant forwards his CV to the company.

Advice and information:

The offices play a major role in the evaluation of the application, so applicants should visit these offices as if they were going to a company. Appearance, behavior and persuasiveness are important.

Budapest offices usually keep applicants' resumes and cards in their systems for a shorter period (4-6 months), while rural offices keep them for a longer period (1 year).

There are several national personnel consultants operating in our country, which have branches in every county seat or major city. In this way, they can mediate jobs throughout the country.

The employment centers can also provide information on the contact details of the offices.

Most of the offices not only deal with mediation, but also with consulting.

Job fair

The events that aim to promote the placement of graduate students by inviting companies, enterprises, and enterprises to the institution have spread mostly in higher education. The Career Office also organizes the Regional Job Fair (November 22, 2011) and the Győr Job Fair (April 3, 2011).

At the events, you can find out about the companies, their scope of activities, their organizational structure, and the career opportunities they provide. Not only graduates should visit the job fair, younger students can explore internship opportunities, part-time jobs, and even look for cooperation opportunities with companies in connection with writing their thesis.

Do not forget the so-called about a preparatory day, which includes a series of lectures and training sessions organized for the students. The purpose of the preparatory day is to prepare the students for establishing contact with companies (parts of the training: career planning, CV writing, negotiation technique development, non-verbal communication, European Union).

Spontaneous search

We speak of a spontaneous search when you visit the companies you would like to work for, but they do not currently have any job offers.

The search can be done by sending an application - in this case, be sure to indicate which areas you are interested in, and a convincing motivation letter is also a basic requirement. It is worth asking after 1-2 weeks whether they have received your application.

Another variation of this search method is to search in person.

Employment centers

The services of the job centers are free for both jobseekers and companies. Their aim is to improve the situation of jobseekers, so if you cannot find a job, be sure to register at the office where you live. The employment centers try to help those who come to them with free courses that increase the chances of employment.