About the job interview

It determines our work area and career opportunities in the coming years when we find a new job. Even if there are hundreds of people standing behind us, applying for the same position, we still have to carefully decide based on our own criteria and our own values. It is not certain that the job that suits a hundred other applicants also suits our individuality and our expectations. That is why it is important to find out as much as possible about the job applied for, the working conditions, and the company atmosphere. Our questions show our sincere interest, and the answers help support the correctness of our choice.

How to behave in a job interview?

Your heart will surely be pounding in your throat when you cross the threshold of the staff office, but pull yourself together, take a few deep breaths and smile! Not only will you make a good impression on those inside, but your tension will also decrease! Don't panic if there are more people in the office than you expected and you suddenly don't know who to turn to. Introduce yourself loudly so that everyone can hear! Then take an interest in the person who invited you to the conversation!

Your handshake should be firm, but don't cross over to the other side of the horse: nobody likes a handshake. Look the other person in the eye when shaking hands!

If you are offered a seat, sit comfortably on the chair! Make sure you don't sit stiffly like someone who swallowed a stake, but don't slouch forward either. Do not stretch your legs! The correct sitting: legs together or crossed. You can turn the closed legs slightly to the side, but keep your torso in the direction of the interlocutor!

During a conversation, you don't always have to look straight ahead, your eyes may wander, but if you want to say something important, always look the staff boss in the eyes! Don't gesticulate too much, don't grimace. Crossed hands mean uncertainty.

Don't act defiant! By overemphasizing femininity and using sexual appeal, it is possible to achieve the opposite effect to what you want.

Be natural, don't try to look different than what you really are! Role-playing is immediately noticed by an experienced professional. Answer the questions asked openly and honestly! Put it simply, don't chatter! Don't let them interrupt you, but don't interrupt other people's words either!

Pay attention to what they tell you! Not only for the meaning of words, but also for accents, tone of voice, and body language.

Frequently asked interview questions

An important part of preparing for the interview is to think about our answers to frequently asked questions. Let's not try to "learn" the answers, rather imagine ourselves in the interviewer's place and try to figure out what answers we can use to convince him of our suitability.

Work experience

General questions


Leadership skills

Identity cards

Conflict management

And what should we ask when it's our turn?

Asking questions is the best way to get first-hand information about the company and the position, as well as an opportunity to sell yourself. In order to ask the right questions, you must find out about the company thoroughly before the interview. It's always worth asking if you get the chance, but not too much. Let's carefully choose the questions that are really important, and the information we receive will make the picture we have formed more complete. We can ask questions about the company, the position, the company's short- and long-term plans, advancement opportunities, etc. Do not ask questions about salary and other benefits at the first interview, this is the subject of later discussions, wait for the employer's question. During the second or third meeting, ask for a detailed oral or written job description.

Here are some examples:


What shall I wear? Appearance at the job interview

The first and most important thing that immediately catches our eye: our appearance, our clothing. Wear comfortable but appropriate clothing: a suit or costume. Let's be groomed and cared for, but beware of extremes. Choose the colors tastefully and discreetly. Do not spray too strong perfume or aftershave on yourself. Especially for ladies, it is worth keeping in mind: they must convince the admissions officer of their suitability not with their charms, but with the presentation of their skills and professional preparation. (Except, of course, if someone applies to be a model, but these advices are not for them.) Be careful with make-up and don't wear your smallest skirt for this occasion. Let's also pay attention to the details: we often treat our shoes and nails like a stepchild. This time, don't forget to clean them!